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Dec. 6, 2019

State Fair signed snowplow blade clearing snow along North Shore

DULUTH, Minn. — The signed snowplow blades are on the roads!

This summer during the Minnesota State Fair, MnDOT tried something new. Fair goers visiting the MnDOT booth in the Education Building were asked to sign a snowplow wing blade. Thousands of people were eager to sign the blade and engage with MnDOT workers, many asking where the blades would end up. District 1 is happy to announce there is one helping clear snow in our eight county district.

During the 12 days of the fair, MnDOT brought in five plow blades. Two of the blades were kept in the Twin Cities Metro region, and three were sent to Greater Minnesota. The District 1 blade is clearing Highway 61 along the North Shore for a couple weeks before permanently moving to the Highway 1 route, from Illgen City to County Highway 2.

MnDOT will post photos on Facebook page winter, showing how the names hold up in the snow. Follow along at @MnDOTnortheast.