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Feb. 4, 2019

Hwy 74 in Whitewater Wildlife Management Area closed for high water

WEAVER, Minn. (6:45 p.m.) – Highway 74 is closed to traffic Monday night because of water over the road, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The 7-mile gravel stretch of Highway 74 north of Elba from Beaver to Weaver will remain closed until the water recedes. MnDOT crews may be able to motor grade the ice off on Tuesday, if it freezes sufficiently to do so. If not, the closure could stretch longer because snow is forecast for midweek and MnDOT crews will be snowplowing the region’s nearly 3,700 lanes miles of highway in southeast Minnesota.

The stretch from Beaver (Winona County Road 30) to Weaver (Wabasha County Road 26) is MnDOT’s only gravel road and is within the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area north of Elba. Whitewater State Park is south of the area and is not affected by road closure.