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Oct. 1, 2019

Highways 253 and 254 turned back to Faribault County

MANKATO, Minn. – The ownership of Highway 253 to Bricelyn and Highway 254 to Frost have officially transferred from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to Faribault County, effective today, Oct. 1.

Highway 253 from Interstate 90 to Bricelyn is now Faribault County Road 23. Highway 254 from I-90 to Frost is now Faribault County Road 17. Turnback funds totaling $8.65 million are provided to Faribault County to restore the 11.3 miles of roadway to an acceptable condition. MnDOT also provided $560,000 for a 1” overlay for both highways. The proposed Faribault County 2020-2024 5-Year plan includes a permanent pavement rehab, including 4’ wide paved shoulders, for both highways.

Highways 253 and 254 are just two of several 200 series roadways that MnDOT is working to transfer to a proper level of government. Other roadways have been identified in a statewide jurisdictional realignment study. For example, lower volume roadways, which are important at the county level, have a difficult time competing for funds with high volume highways in the state department and vice versa, a county road that is serving as a principal artery of the transportation system may be realigned to a state roadway.