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Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Webinars

Welcome to the Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Webinar produced by the Office of Transit and Active Transportation. This is a monthly series from MnDOT’s Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Program to help increase the knowledge of shared use technology and services to improve the way Minnesotans move around our state.

Filling in the gaps: how micromobility can help enrich transportation options

Hosted April 19, 2022

In this webinar, we heard from communities that are providing bike share and scooter share services from highly urbanized areas to very rural.

Our guest speakers were:

  • Waffiyyah Murray, the Indego Bike Share Program Manager at the City of Philadelphia
  • Jaymi Wilson, a Project Manager at the City of Rochester, MN
  • Lisse Regehr, the President and CEO of Thrive Allen County, KS,

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The latest and greatest in Greater Minnesota public transit research

Hosted March 16, 2022

This webinar presented recent MnDOT funded research from North Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota on public transit in Greater Minnesota.

Our guest speakers were:

  • Dr. Jeremy Mattson, an Assistant Professor of Transportation and Logistics at North Dakota State University
  • Galen Ryan, a Research Professional at the University of Minnesota

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Can ride hail help transit go from good to great?

Hosted February 16, 2022

This webinar presented innovative collaborations between the public sector and ride hailing services to improve service delivery for paratransit, demand response, and transportation waiver programs.

Our guest speakers were:

  • Ron Silvers, ADA Compliance and Community Officer in the Mobility Department, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
  • Robyn Bernardy, Transportation Coordinator, Dakota County Social Services
  • Sheri Wegner, Executive Director, ConnectAbility of MN

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Opportunities to grow shared mobility in Greater Minnesota

Hosted January 26, 2022

This webinar provided an update on the shared mobility projects happening at MnDOT and the work of the Twin Cities Shared Mobility Collaborative and its planned expansion of scope to Greater Minnesota.

Our guest speakers were:

  • Elliott McFadden, Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Coordinator at MnDOT
  • Will Schroeer, Chair, Twin Cities Shared Mobility Collaborative Steering Committee and Executive Director of East Metro Strong
  • Gina Baas, Associate Director of the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota

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