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2017 Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan

Final Plan

The plan at a glance

Wadena County transit bus.
Wadena County transit.

The Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan connects the vision, goals and strategies from the 2010-2030 Greater Minnesota Transit Plan, a 20-year strategic plan, to the funding that each public transit system receives. The plan serves as both a modal and investment plan and aligns with the state's 50-year vision and the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan. It gets updated every four years, and with this year's changes we will:

  • Update the 20-year strategic plan for preserving current public transportation systems while improving mobility for the general public with emphasis on seniors, low income, individuals with disabilities and commuter consumer groups.
  • Refine the investment priorities for expanding, maintaining or reducing transit service according to future state and federal funding levels, as well as the strategic direction of transit in Greater Minnesota.

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