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Hwy 135

Biwabik Main Street

Public meetings

Municipal Consent Public Hearing December 17, 2018

Project Description

  • Twelve foot driving lanes and 10 foot parking lanes in the urban core of Biwabik.
  • New storm sewer system to collect and convey water runoff.
  • Raised median islands at each end of Biwabik along with intersection “bump-outs” for traffic calming purposes.
  • An Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant pedestrian access route (PAR) which includes new sidewalk and curb and gutter.
  • An amenity zone which provides an opportunity to update the “Bavarian Theme” of the community. This could include colored concrete, landscaping and ornamental lighting.
  • Continuous street lighting.
  • Replacement of city owned utilities (sanitary sewer and water main) at city cost.
  • Refresh and modernize the look and feel of Main Street (Hwy 135).
  • Provide an opportunity to update the “Bavarian Theme” of the community.
  • Capitalize on and support the community role as the entrance to Giants Ridge and the East Range.
  • Support the business community in a cooperative manner.
  • Improve the ease of maintenance of the facility into the future.


Anticipated Construction Schedule

  • Stage I roadway – west and east gateway areas.  The west gateway is from County Road 715 to 1st Avenue North. The east gateway is from West Railroad Dive to the campground entrance.
  • Start date – July 2019. End Date – fall 2019.
  • Traffic Impacts – construction work will be done while maintaining traffic on Hwy 135. No detour anticipated.
  • Stage 2 roadway – 1st Avenue North to West Railroad Drive.
  • Start date – spring 2020. End date – fall 2020.
  • Traffic Impacts – smaller vehicles will be detoured to 1st Street North.  Trucks will be detoured using the Vermillion Trail (County Road 4), Ajax Road (County Road 97) and County Road 20.
  • Landscaping – spring 2021.
  • Future landscape partnerships to be determined.  MnDOT provides landscaping materials to a community.  Community volunteers plant and maintain the landscaping.  This may be a good option for the east and west gateway areas.


Estimated Costs

  • MnDOT – $3.6-4.0 million. This includes approximately $70,000 for landscaping or amenities.
  • City of Biwabik – approximately $370,000 for the new utilities, $300,000-370,000 for roadway/sidewalk improvements and $50,000 for landscaping (trees, shrubs, mulch).

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Project Purpose

  • Restore the structural integrity of the roadway and improve ride.  The existing pavement is in poor condition resulting in a rough ride, high maintenance costs and reduced load carrying capacity. 
  • Address non-compliant ADA sidewalks and curb ramps.
  • Introduce traffic calming treatments that will reduce roadway speeds and improve pedestrian safety.


Past meetings

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017
5:30-7:30 p.m., presentation at 6 p.m.
Biwabik Pavilion
100 5th Avenue North
Biwabik, MN 55708

MnDOT and City of Biwabik staff will be available to answer questions and take comments after the presentation. Project layouts and other displays will be posted.