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St. Francis

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I think building a pedestrian bridge at Pederson Drive is the best solution to get kids safely across Hwy 47. Can you install one now?

We have installed pedestrian bridges in similar locations and discovered they are only used about half of the time. In other words, if two people are crossing a road, one will use the bridge and one will not. Therefore, we could still have crashes even with a bridge if some people do not choose to use it. We want to make sure the community understands the tradeoffs of having a bridge and knows there are alternative solutions for getting people across a road safely.

Will lowering the speed limit reduce the speeds?

We are looking at speed limit changes along the corridor, but do not expect them to change more than 5 mph. Changing a speed limit sign without changing the design or condition of the road does not work. For more detailed information about speed limits, visit: mndot.gov/speed/qa.html.

Why are you doing a planning study?
    • In order to receive any federal money for improvements along this corridor, we need to go through this process. We will likely need federal grant money to make these projects a reality.
    • We are receiving a lot of feedback from the community and it is not all pointing to the same solution. We need to collect input from everyone who is willing to provide feedback and explain what the costs/benefits to each alternative are. We want to make sure people are aware of the tradeoffs for each alternative.
    • We want to make sure we do the right thing for the corridor as a whole, not just Pederson Drive. We have heard that Hwy 47 is a barrier in the community and speeds are too fast. To solve that, any solution will need to be a corridor-wide solution.