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Safety education

Silhouette of a variety of people and vehicles in front of a road sign that says Let's Move Safely Together

Everyone plays a role in keeping our roadways safe. Responsible and safe behaviors help people arrive home safely.

When driving

  • Stop for people crossing the road
  • Look in all directions before turning
  • Watch for people walking, day or night
  • Be alert and expect to see people walking everywhere
  • Slow down for people, slower speeds save lives
  • Before passing stopped vehicles, check for people crossing the road

When walking

  • Cross in well-lit areas when possible.
  • Be alert and look for vehicles before crossing the road
  • Stand clear of parked cars and obstacles before crossing
  • Look and continue look for vehicles in all lanes of traffic when crossing the road

Crosswalk law

Read the full Crosswalk Law from Minnesota Statute 169.21.