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Right of Way Mapping and Monitoring (RWMM)

View, save and print MnDOT Right of Way, Plat, and Railroad Maps

Introduction to the application

This application provides access to MnDOT’s Right of Way (ROW) maps, plats, graphic commissioner's orders, and railroad maps, and the viewing of ROW lines, control sections, bridges and a number of other MnDOT datasets. This application provides the capability to search and download ROW maps.

In order to access MnDOT OLM database products, the user must accept the conditions expressed in Disclaimer and Legal.

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eDIGS (formerly eDOCS)

Right-of-Way maps and other maps including commissioner’s orders, road and bridge plans, survey records, and utility permit records can also be accessed directly through eDIGS (formerly eDOCS).

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